Faster sale

When your property sells faster, you are in a financial position to buy your new property sooner and to negotiate from a position of strength. You are spared having to submit an offer on your new property subject to the condition that your existing property sells within a specific period.

Less inconvenience

Proper pricing reduces the inconvenience of show days.

Exposure to more buyers

At market value, you open your property to more people who can afford the price. In other words, you broaden your buyer base.

Increased estate agent response

When estate agents are excited about a well-priced listing, they make a special effort in their marketing programme.

Better response from advertising and boards

Online advertising, newspaper adverts and boards turn into appointments when price is not a deterrent.

Higher offers

When a property is priced right, buyers are less likely to submit a low offer out of fear of losing a good buy.

More money to you

Because buyers buy by comparison, a well-priced house:

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