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Estate agents make selling your property less complicated (At WRPS we aim to simplify your 'world'). We are the link between you and the buyer and will help negotiate an agreement of sale acceptable to all parties. It is our business to provide you with every service connected with the sale of your property.

The selling price
One has to be realistic about pricing your property. To obtain a fair estimation of a selling price for your property, start by observing similar properties in your area with similar features to yours and check the prices people are asking and actually achieving. Most estate agents have access to this type of information. Examine your local or weekend property guides. House prices are determined by supply and demand. Before making your decision about the selling price of your property consult with an estate agent to confirm your decision or to adjust it, after all, it is our business to monitor prices in the market.

How do I price my home?
You should always price your home correctly so that it sells. This means you should price it within the market range - because you want the fastest possible sale at the highest possible price. This is known as "priced to sell".

When people's homes do not sell, they often ask:
Is something wrong with my house?
Why has nobody made an offer?
Many homes that are put on the market never sell because the price at which they are marketed is an "out of reach" price. Some agents make 'lofty' promises just so they can obtain a mandate. Very often this action results in a devalued property.

The recommended method of arriving at the correct selling price is to study the prices of the properties sold in your area. Compare these properties to your own. Acknowledge the differences in features, condition, location, neighbours, etc and derive a tentative price. Then look at properties that are currently on the market and consider how they have been in the .for sale. status. This may give an indication of overpricing. Also consider the amount of properties in your area that are for sale. This would affect the demand and ultimately the price.

The value of a home is determined by what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller.

The length of time a house is on the market affects the price. If a house is overpriced initially, then it has a good chance of selling below market price. This means that by the time the price is reduced to a fair and reasonable selling price, it has become over exposed and has begun to raise questions in buyers' minds.

Sellers may suggest that their property be marketed at a higher price to "see what happens". This is a dangerous practice because the right buyers may not be attracted.

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Does an agent's pricing count?

Never choose an agent based on price as agents have no control over the market, only the marketing plan. It has been noted that agents promise sellers higher than market prices in order to obtain a mandate and then don't deliver.
Selection of an agent should be based on the competence of the person and the services provided.

Ask yourself these questions when pricing your property
Am I selecting an agent on services or product?
Is the local market rising, falling or staying even?
Is my opinion of value based on actual neighbourhood sales prices?
How many properties in this area are competing with mine right now?
How does mine compare?
Have neighbouring properties been on the market too long?
Is my property consistent with properties in the surrounding area?
What improvements have I made that will increase the value?
Are my financial needs influencing my asking price?
Am I willing to price right and stand firm?

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